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Aaaaaaaggrrrhhh! Company’s Coming!

Here’s an inside peek at what it’s like at the Timberlake’s tonight, as we’re getting ready for company this Thanksgiving. Samurai Housewife from Doug Timberlake on Vimeo.

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Best Ev-ah Pumpkin Bread!

Here’s an easy recipe for delicious pumpkin bread.  Every Thanksgiving I make it early in the morning.  Love to smell it baking as it fills our home with the aroma of happiness, gratitude and love. I’ve made it for years–so … Continue reading

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A Tree of Thanks

Okay, I’ll admit it: hand-me-downs delight me.  I relish secondhand stores, clearance aisles, shopping at Goodwill, dollar stores, finding something for “a steal”, or even better, being the recipient of a “freebie”. Found treasures snatched from the curbside (just in … Continue reading

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Watching the Light

Nan, one of my BFF’s (ahem…can you tell I have a 13-year-old daughter?) is a gifted photographer. We met about a year ago, although it seems like we’ve known each other for eons! Together, we are co-journeyers. Our conversations drift … Continue reading

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New Recipes

I’m delighted when friends share favorite recipes with me. I have files (No joke. Files—as in plural) that are stuffed full of epicurean concoctions that were sent, e-mailed, clipped, and copied for me. Those who know me best know that gifting … Continue reading

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Autumn Bird Bath

Autumn inspires me to loose myself in embellishing and adorning. I’m always hunting through nature for “freebies”—hedge apples, branches, moss, feathers, pods and bird nests. I take my big black Newfie on daily walks and come home with sacks filled … Continue reading

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