Watching the Light

Nan, one of my BFF’s (ahem…can you tell I have a 13-year-old daughter?) is a gifted photographer. We met about a year ago, although it seems like we’ve known each other for eons! Together, we are co-journeyers. Our conversations drift between riotous laughter and heartfelt tears, focusing on who we’re becoming and on what gifts we want to offer the world. Since we live a little over an hour’s drive away from one another, we’ve adopted a Whole Foods Market to be our halfway rendezvous point. There, in the café, we’ll sit for hours, our souls delighted to connect, drinking cappuccinos as we fire up our laptops and begin co-creating.  (We’re in the midst of launching an amazing life coaching experience for 2011 in Brazil—set on a sustainable organic coffee plantation that dates back to the 1850s. How cool is that?! I’m beyond thrilled to be putting this “gift” out into the world! Be sure to request a brochure—go to the “Other Extraordinary Pursuits of Mine” tab.)

I’ve been thinking a lot this Thanksgiving week about how grateful I am for the countless people in my life that leave their handprints on my heart.  I’m awed by the transforming influence others have on me. Friends stretch me, opening my world to new possibilities and passions. One friend shares a timely book recommendation, another an unthinkable goal that motivates me, another a travel destination (unknown to the masses) which I come to treasure, and another an insight that profoundly moves my soul. And so it goes.

With Nan, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard her mention that as a photographer, it’s important to “study the light.” Her eyes convey her passion as she talks about the value of noticing the impact of light on objects—watching how it moves and dances, acknowledging how it sparkles and glistens, waiting for just the right moment to take the perfect shot—that moment that takes your breath away.

Over this past month, because of Nan’s influence, I’ve found myself noticing light much more. I’m pausing more. Observing more. Watching more. I’m finding myself captured by the sunbeam patches that radiate through my kitchen window, or by the spotlight of illumination that lands perfectly on the clustered pumpkins on our porch. This morning I looked out my back window and was inspired by the sunrise—a luminous tangerine sky glowing through the trees. Watching the light is an art form that is beginning to enhance not only the way I view the world, but also how I view myself and others. To me, it’s a crucial key to living more passionately and more purposefully.

You see, as a life coach, I’m trained to “watch the light.” I’m paid to help my clients discover what fully lights up their souls, what choices illuminate them, what values make them sparkle and dance. Lately, as I move throughout my days, I’m also choosing to really notice the light of my own life. When is it that I’m most fully lit up, glistening, or sparkling? Typically, it’s when I’m blissfully lost in creating—writing, designing, directing, cooking, decorating or producing. Or it’s when I’m in connection with others—coaching, having people over for dinner, chatting it up in line at the grocery store—that I’m illuminated and inspiring. How about you? When does your light shine most brightly? Take time to notice, to pause, to see. Your personal light will clue you in to your passions and purpose. Watch the light. Look for those perfectly illuminated life moments that simply take your breath away!

Shine on,

Melissa Timberlake

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