Autumn Bird Bath

Autumn inspires me to loose myself in embellishing and adorning. I’m always hunting through nature for “freebies”—hedge apples, branches, moss, feathers, pods and bird nests. I take my big black Newfie on daily walks and come home with sacks filled with treasures ready to be plunked and placed in unsuspecting places. I love the touch of whimsy that comes from tossing gourds into a wooden bowl, or randomly stacking oddball pumpkins on the front porch. I guess, at the core, that’s what I’m all about—taking ordinary things—like our front walkway birdbath (or everyday moments, relationships, dreams, celebrations, or goals)—and making them EXTRAORDINARY. I love the impact that my decorating has on others when they pause in the midst of their hustle, look, really notice and then say things like, “Well, will you look at that!” or “Oh, how lovely!” or “Wow, isn’t that creative?”

As a life coach, these are the expressions I also enjoy hearing from my clients when they stop for moment and look at their lives—when they make the choice to turn that part of themselves they’ve allowed to be ordinary into something whimsical and wonderful. Often, it doesn’t take much effort; simply some focused attention, commitment, vision, and enjoyment of the process. Believe me, it can add up to a grand impact! So, here’s the question: What part of your life are you settling for ordinary in even though you know it has the potential to be extraordinary? Make a choice today to adorn it, give it attention or try an unexpected touch of whimsy. Choose EXTRAORDINARY instead. You’ll enjoy noticing how others enthusiastically respond. Promise. And as always, I’d LOVE to hear your stories!


Melissa Timberlake

“Within everyday ordinary people, if you look closely, you can find some amazing and extraordinary things.” —Joseph Badaracco

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