About Melissa Timberlake

I see myself as having an unwavering passion for excellence.  I have a sharp instinct that helps me detect and hone those qualities that are highest, best, and most brilliant in both people and in organizations.  I love the challenge of exploring areas of growth that seem unreachable–goals that  most would consider unattainable, or even unthinkable.

Bottom line–I will “hold” a person, concept, business or project to its ultimate greatness.  To me, it’s thrilling to see someone step into and claim his/her absolute potential–that process simply takes my breath away!  I’m a consumate encourager and will continually stand by the resolute belief that we can do more, be more, become more–and all the while truly enjoying the process.

People tell me I’m a paradox and it’s true.  I’m off-the-wall zany, wacky and quite mischievous–and yet there’s also a part of me that processes life with philosophical depth and meaning.  Guess it’s this duality that gifts me with such richess and inspiration.

I’ve spent the past 20 years in media production and performance. I was the producer of a radio broadcast that aired on over 500 stations throughout North America.  I then landed the job as co-host of the national award-winning television show “You Need To Know”.  One of my favorite things to do is to perform improvisation–whether with friends or in front of an audience of 1500, there’s just nothing quite as satisfying as getting people to laugh so hard they can barely breathe!

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