People often spend a lifetime searching for happiness and looking for peace. They chase fantasies, addictions, worthless pursuits, and even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them.  What’s ironic is that often the place they really need to search is within.

As your life coach, Melissa will help you find those answers within as she skillfully guides you through the obstacles that are keeping you from obtaining the life you’re longing for, from the success that’s rightfully yours.  Melissa’s coaching style is a unique blend of compassionate listening, powerful questions, uncanny intuition and fearless courage.  She is passionate about helping you discover yourself through joy, laughter, creativity and empathy.  As your coach, she’ll take you to places you didn’t know existed…and help you find the deeper truth in each of those experiences.

Yes, you have unique gifts.  You have a significant purpose for which you are created! Let Melissa’s coaching help clarify your course and set you on your way to a fulfilling life–a life that, until now, you’ve only dared to imagine.

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